So this post is about why we should not (in 99.99% of most cases) do business with close friends, family or fellow members!

No, really, let me tell you why! OK, before we continue I want to explain this is not a regular ‘family business’ situation; this is not a family business as an entity. In fact this is one of these situations where ‘my son knows IT so he can fix your computer’. Obviously this expands from the wonderland of internet to the unknown of DIY projects.

On this glorious Scottish spring Saturday afternoon I shall aim to keep it short and consistent:

A. all For

Lets put our brains together. What is this magical power that’s strong enough to trick us into believing such an act is appropriate?! Well reason one is rather obvious – want to help a friend! Ah, we have all been there. We know that guy, who is really nice and we want to help him pull together quickly a website. Classic trap! What’s next?! Well, we can continue with my ‘buddy has limited budget… can you help?’ to ‘I want an online shop so I can sell my ….’

I will stop here! There is a huuuuuge list full of reasons why one should say ‘Yes’! But I’m really interested in why we should say ‘No’!

B. all Against

So, no need to ask I can tell you everybody wants a website like Amazon for a fiver! Yeah, I am still waiting on Aston Martin to do the same! ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Wake up, human!

Recently had a similar conversation with a friend of mine. He had a really valid point why you should not undersell yourself and ask for a fair price!

So he told me : “The other day I had to pay the builders £400 pounds to install a new boiler for me! £400 pounds! And you know what they did charge me like there is no tomorrow, because that’s how much it costs!”. I mean that sounds alright, doesn’t it!? Really, we live in a society where money is the main exchange option.

However there is one other point I want to go over really quickly – saying NO! I mean, we all know it’s nearly impossible to say NO when it comes to family! This is my biggest caveat! I find it really difficult to tell my close friends/family NO!

Now what ?

Well, I will leave it to your dear reader. Personally I will NO longer get involved in family business projects! I like my life hassle free!

* This pose affects family, friends, fellows, and that random bloke you know!