I”m on the train back to Edinburgh after giving a presentation in front of students in search for a job/placement, recruiters best catch!

Good you will think! Excellent idea I would add! However things weren’t that great. For some unknown to me reason, students had a well grown idea in their minds which suggests that if one is present in a room / interview inevitably they will be hired! Somehow their presence is suppose to tell us “Hire me”! Yeap! Thats what I thought as well.


Bare with me on this one as I attempt to understand all surprised faces as “real world doesn’t work in this way” news hit them like a NULL POINTER Exception! 

Lets not forget one very important factor when it comes to recruitment – company culture! Certain companies will not hire people if they do not fit company culture expectations. I am not talking here about dress code, language skills, etc. No! I am talking about how they fit on a personal level. Are they a learner or a grumper*. Some people forget how important ‘skill’ is company culture nowadays. Lets be honest nobody wants to collaborate with a grumper all day long, 365 days a year.

The easy answer is – do not hire grumpers! Well you can do that but that’s a temporary solution. Sooner or later you will come across another of this species. How about we work together for grumperless enviroinment! Lets educate developers, let them ‘see’ the world, show them positive aspects of continuous personal development, show them the hidden potential of knowledge and let them choose. If they choose ignorance, arrogance and underdevelopment  – let them free, let them fly away! After all ignorance is bliss.

*grumper is not a real word, yes, it’s a person who constantly complains and never learns new things.