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Tag: brain food

How to develop a habit in 21 days

We have all been there! I want to… ‘clean the attic’,’clean the garden’, ‘the garage’, etc, etc We know we can do it simply because we have done it before, but we may not have the internal power to do it just now! Well, I am at the same situation! I prioritise ‘important’ aspects of my life and I simply do not have the time to do the rest! It’s time to change that bad habit! It’s time to ask ourselves : “How to develop a habit in 21 days?!”. Is it even possible?

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Family business

So this post is about why we should not (in 99.99% of most cases) do business with close friends, family or fellow members!

No, really, let me tell you why! OK, before we continue I want to explain this is not a regular ‘family business’ situation; this is not a family business as an entity. In fact this is one of these situations where ‘my son knows IT so he can fix your computer’. Obviously this expands from the wonderland of internet to the unknown of DIY projects.

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