Ahoy reader!

This is a NOT a hate post or something! This post is based purely on my experience looking over applicant CVs.

So let me give you some pre post information.

Once upon a time there was the Europass CV template. People were fascinated by it. What a brilliant idea, some have said! Great indeed, but not good enough! Why?! Simply because sometimes is difficult to compare people based on one CV template. Do you remember the old education story where for a fair selection everybody has to take the same exam – Please climb that tree. This is what is wrong with this template . Simples!

Now, some innovative people wanted to be different. They wanted to break away from this template! These people wanted to think outside the box! Combine that with human never-ending passion for completion – circle, and you get yourself a way to rate your skill levels.

Rate my skills

I rate myself highly!


There is nothing wrong with that in general! However lets discuss rate levels. We will follow John. He is a freelance developer persona we will use in our example.

Imagine John ‘knows’ 80% WordPress. But how is this possible? Easy! John has finished an online course and got 80% of 100% on the final test! So his complete understanding of WordPress is purely based on this course and some outside research. We know that this course actually represents only 10% of overall WordPress knowledge. So from our perspective he actually knows 8% not 80%. Interesting, isn’t it?!

Alright, lets be honest here and admit that there is a chance John actually knows 80% WordPress. Still we have to answer one question – How do we rate John? Should we assume his complete circle – 100% is the same as ours! But is it really?

I can answer this question purely from my point. No! John’s circle is not the same as yours! In either case you will under or over prepare for his Interview. I’m sorry but this is the sad reality!

I can’t tell you want to do or how to handle such a situation, but I definitely think twice before an interview invitation is sent.